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I was recently informed by my tweeps of a new (at least new to me) service called Zerply. Weird name, but a cool site nonetheless.

Zerply seems to be, more or less, a service like LinkedIn. It allows you to present your professional persona to prospective employers or co-workers. You do pretty much the same stuff as on LinkedIn: bio, experience, education, skills, a network of contacts.

The thing that I really like about Zerply, in fact, the reason for this post, is the great design of the site. It is a well thought out, well-designed application. For LinkedIn, I think most people can agree that it is cluttered and unattractive. And the more I come to appreciate good design in everything (including websites), the more I enjoy using well designed websites and the more I dislike using ugly ones.

So, go check it out. Here’s my profile, and if you decide to sign up feel free to use my referral link. I really hope Zerply does well and makes using professional networking tools enjoyable.