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Privacy in Monero

Privacy is a big concern for people in a lot of different areas, and Monero is sympathetic to that. In this post I’ll work through the major privacy-oriented features in Monero and why they’re important.

Intro to Monero

Now that we have a little more clarity on what a cryptocurrency is and how it can be used I’m going to dive into one particular cryptocurrency that I believe to be a good candidate to understand and get involved in: Monero

Cryptocurrency Basics

Assuming we start from a base knowledge of nothing when it comes to cryptocurrency, where do we begin. Why, at the beginning, of course.

Print and Paginate NSTableViews

I’ve been getting Tick ready for a new release, and one bug someone pointed out was that the invoice PDFs were generated as one long PDF. This works out fine until you need to print it. Below is the code I used to fix that.

Clean Start on OS X Lion

I recently bought a new (to me) MacBook Pro with Lion installed. The previous owner hadn’t had the time to completely wipe everything from the machine since I bought it 3 hours after I first responded to his Craigslist post. So, I found myself in need of starting completely fresh and Googled it. I found some disjointed posts in various Mac-related forums, but nothing that said “This is how you do it”. So, this is how you do it:


I was recently informed by my tweeps of a new (at least new to me) service called Zerply. Weird name, but a cool site nonetheless.

Tick 1.0 Released

After much work and testing I’ve finally released Tick, a timer and invoicing tool for freelance software developers. You can find it on the Mac App Store here.

Mac App Submission

I recently found myself needing to submit my new application Tick to the Mac App Store. I figured “No problem! I’ve already gone through the iPhone app submission process, I’m sure this will be eerily similar.” Well, yes and no.